Kyle Andrews to bring his electro-pop to happy (and sad) people of the Lowcountry

eshaw@islandpacket.comMay 15, 2014 

Kyle Andrews to bring his electro-pop to happy (and sad) people of the Lowcountry



    WHAT: Kyle Andrews with Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes & The Sea Wolf Mutiny

    WHEN: 9 p.m. May 20

    WHERE: The Royal American, 970 Morrison Drive, Charleston

    COST: $5

When electro pop musician Kyle Andrews gets sad, he makes the happiest songs he can think of. When it's dreary and rainy outside, he can usually be found in his bedroom creating bouncy, jangly, sunshine-infused tunes in the vein of Matt and Kim and Plushgun. Listening to his music is like looking at the world through your favorite Instagram filter.

"I'm not always super happy and cheery, but if I'm going to spend months working on something, I need something that's feeding back to me positive energy," Andrews said. His shiny, synthy beats are certainly mood-boosting, and as NPR described them, "for sad people that just want to dance."

Andrews will bring his infectious indie pop ditties to The Royal American in Charleston on May 20. It will be an upbeat and dance-y show for happy and sad people alike, Andrews said.

After moving from Chicago to Nashville, Andrews began making music in 2006, alone in his room, using everything from built-in laptop mics to top-of-the line studio set ups to compose and record his tunes.

Bouyed by Internet support, he grew as a musician and garnered a following, putting out albums and going on tours. However, he said he still prefers to create his music solo.

"I'm still kind of doing that. It's grown in that my career has grown but the process has remained the same."

In 2013, Andrews released his fourth full-length album, "Brighter Than The Sun," on his own imprint label Elephant Lady Records.

Most recently, he released "One Plus One," a three-track EP and a sneak peek of his upcoming fifth full-length, which is expected later this year.

"That stuff is even more upbeat than the last record, which was pretty upbeat," he said. "It was a long winter and it felt good to have the spring weather coming in and that fueled me."

Andrews said the EP is also celebrating being an introvert. As a self-labeled introvert, he said he strives to create music that can be enjoyed alone, but "not in a mopy, sad, navel gazing way."

Given the popularity of his songs, however, Andrews had had to overcome some of his reclusive tendencies. When a director approached him about making a music video for "You Always Make Me Smile," Andrews found himself playing guitar in the middle of 4,000 people attempting to set the world record for the largest water balloon fight.

"That was the last place I'd imagine finding myself," he said.

His songs have also been featured on ABC "Grey's Anatomy," Doritos and Dell commercials and in the new "Veronica Mars" movie.

"I like to think that my music lends itself to being colorful and fun and visual," Andrews said. "Learning to push and foster that positive energy has brought me to some fun places."

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