The Buzz: Signed, Robert Ford

jself@thestate.comMay 10, 2014 


Then-Sen. Robert Ford confers with his lawyer, William Runyon, during Thursday's opening hearing before the Senate Ethics Committee. Mr. Ford resigned the next day.


Ex-Sen. Robert Ford still is enjoying the holidays with his former constituents while facing a second round of allegations that he violated state ethics laws by using his campaign money for personal expenses.

Ford resigned a year ago, when the Senate Ethics Committee accused him of using campaign money to buy things at a sex shop and pay for personal expenses. The committee has scheduled a hearing Wednesday on whether he continued to spend campaign money and misreport expenses after he resigned.

The Charleston Democrat has sent out two Mothers Day cards so far this month – a practice for which Ford is known. One included a poem he wrote called “It is so Woman,” detailing the “radiant beauty,” “unlimited talent” and “strong nurturing powers” of a woman. She knows her “place in the world” and is a “compliment to (her) male counterpart.”

The email contained a disclaimer: “Printed before I resigned from the Senate!”

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