Keep commission involved in Coligny

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 5, 2014 

The Hilton Head Island Town Council is astute to assign the Planning Commission the duty of defining options for the Coligny area's future.

As a relatively new full-time resident here, I am impressed with the well- organized efforts of the Planning Commission. Initiating a community wide effort to solicit community input was wise. This included input from residents, shopping plaza management, retailers, hospitality services and tourist entities. These are all vested stakeholders in Coligny's bright future. As such, many innovative and proactive ideas were presented to the Planning Commission.

The commission intelligently discerned a common "theme" prevalent throughout the stakeholder's comments. Primarily, any solution to Coligny town land use is only possible within the realm of a total strategic plan for Coligny as a district. Secondary, the prevalent issue/theme was a need to address the ingress and egress traffic of the district. Traffic was broadly defined as cars, trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists. The commission's summary was praised by all stakeholders.

This is a sincere thank you for listening to citizen input and building community trust that the commission is up to the task of defining Coligny's future.

The Coligny solution should proceed under the Planning Commission's superb tutelage and oversight since it has earned our trust both in process and content. Keeping the Planning Commission involved will ensure a revitalized Coligny for all to enjoy.

Tom Sharp

Hilton Head Island

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