What's her secret?: 'Perfection is next to impossible'

abredeson@islandpacket.comMay 4, 2014 

Heather and Jon Rembold of Beaufort are surrounded by their kids, from left, Tommy, 5, Lissy, 10, Sammy, 8, and Molly, 12.

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Name: Heather Rembold

Husband: Jon

Town: Beaufort

Children: Molly, 12; Lissy, 10; Sammy, 8; Tommy, 5

Occupation: Teacher at John Paul II Catholic School

Favorite mommy moment: There is something unforgettable about the very first mommy moment with all four of my babies -- that very first moment, that very first kiss, when there is no doubt that our child was a gift sent from heaven especially to me and my husband straight from God.

Most challenging moment: When my babies were little, it always seemed like the "witching" hour would hit as I was beginning to get dinner ready. Today, 12 years after I became a mom for the first time, the 45 minutes I make dinner continues to be my most challenging moment of the day. Homework, and bath time and dinner making, oh my! "They" say I'll miss all of this one day. I know that I will, but I won't miss those 45 minutes of chaos.

Go-to date ideas: When we get a date night, we usually go to Mass, go to dinner and get a cup of coffee. Sometimes, we get some errands run. My favorite is when we have time to go to Lowe's together with no kids.

Favorite kids' book and why: "Love You Forever," by Robert Munsch. I remember my mom giving me this book when I graduated from high school. When we had each one of our babies, I read that book, rocking them back and forth and telling them, "I love you forever; I like you for always; As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Favorite local event or spot: How can anyone pick just one favorite event in Beaufort? There are so many. Annual Beaufort Water Festival, Homes for the Holidays and the new DragonBoat Race Day are three of my favorites, though. My favorite spot is a hard one to pick, too. There is nothing like sitting on a swing at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park with a cup of coffee or sitting in my beach chair on Fripp Island and watching my children play in the tidal pools.

What is something your child said that amazed or inspired you? Recently, our son, Sam, cut his finger, and my husband took him to urgent care for stitches. His three siblings were sure he was going to bleed to death. As soon as Sam left with Dad, our Liss asked the rest of us to sit down on the couch to pray a decade of the Rosary with her. As I watched my other three children pray for their brother, I knew that despite the hours of fighting and shouting that go on in our house, their love for each other and their faith in God, are undeniable.

Funniest thing your kids ever said: Kids say the darndest things. If only I wrote them all down. Most recently, we were picking strawberries, and our littlest guy looked up at me, with a bright red berry, and says, "Look, Mom. Isn't it precious?"

What's the one thing that's OK to let go? As a mom, I think we all try to be perfect. We try to do it all, and in today's day and age, be Pinterest-ly fantastic. The fact is, that perfection is next to impossible. All we can do is what we can do. I struggle with this, but I try hard to remember it.

What surprises you about being a mom? Regardless of how frustrated and tired I am at the end of the day, there is nothing like sneaking into our children's rooms after they fall asleep and just watching and listening. It is God's way of reminding me, as a mother, that tomorrow is a new day, a gift, to be filled with laughter and love given to me freely by my four children.

Advice for other moms: Fill your children with faith, and there is no problem too big that you can't get your family through with prayer -- together.

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