Study Break: 'An honor I will treasure always'

abredeson@islandpacket.comMay 4, 2014 

Charles Holbrook is an 11th-grade U.S. history teacher at Beaufort High School.


Name: Charles Holbrook

School: Beaufort High School

Subject/grade: U.S. history, 11th grade

Years working in the schools: 10 years at Beaufort High School and 13 1/2 in New York

Favorite memory from teaching: There are two memories I have concerning my career at Beaufort High School. The first involves how I came to teach at the school in August 2004. My wife, Leslie, and I had just moved to Dataw Island. I had been a teacher of social studies in New York for 13 years before entering elective office for more than 18 years, and since I possessed a permanent license, I decided to visit BHS and place my name as a potential substitute teacher.

I introduced myself to former principal Dan Durbin, who asked what subject I taught. He informed me that a social studies teacher had just been called up to active duty in Iraq and asked if I would be interested in being a permanent substitute for the year. Within a second, I said yes, and we shook hands. On that handshake, my 10-year career teaching social studies began. When I returned home, Leslie asked me how it went. I said I was offered a job.

Without this memory, the second one would never have happened. In 2010, I was nominated by a student to be considered for Teacher of the Year. I was very moved that a student would think enough of me to place my name in nomination. I eventually was selected to represent Beaufort High School as the 2010-11 Teacher of the Year, and it is an honor I will treasure always.

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