Rock Hill man accused of cutting wires on credit card reader at gas station

The HeraldMay 1, 2014 

David Huber-Kulhawik

— A Rock Hill man was arrested Wednesday after police say he cut the wires to a credit card reader at a local gas station.

David Huber-Kulhawik, 25, was pumping gas at the Kangaroo on Celanese Road at 3:45 p.m. when he noticed wires hanging out from the credit card reader. He stopped the pump after $8, and called for assistance.

A victim of identity theft in the past, Huber-Kulhawik thought the stray wires were put there to steal his credit card information. When no one came to help, Huber-Kulhawik cut the wires and then took them inside to give to a manager. He began using profanity and yelling, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The manager asked Huber-Kulhawik to stop cursing because children were nearby, and she called police.

When officers arrived, the manager opened the display and showed the wires he cut were not to steal credit card numbers but "were actual components to the working mechanisms of the gas pump digital display," the report states.

Huber-Kulhawik is charged with public disorderly conduct and damage to real property.

The estimated value of damage to the card reader is unknown.

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