Fix traffic problem before it's too late

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 30, 2014 

We all hope and pray that the traffic situation involving Berkeley Hall and St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church can be resolved before someone is seriously injured or killed. I know of several people who have narrowly avoided wrecks involving cars turning into or coming out of the church and fast-moving vehicles on U.S. 278. It is a nightmare out there and something has got to be done. Lives are at stake.

Who is financing the multi-year court battle for Berkeley Hall and the $500,000 in legal fees that the community has spent so far? Is any of this money coming from property owner assessment fees? Do Berkeley Hall residents really know what is going on here or are they getting only pieces of the story?

I can only think that if someone is killed or seriously injured in a wreck, the individuals leading this effort for Berkeley Hall could likely be the first ones in line to be sued. But perhaps anyone who owns property in Berkeley Hall should be concerned about potential liability. After all, but for opposition by Berkeley Hall's board, Beaufort County would have already spent the funds the county has in place to eliminate the problems and provide for safe movement of traffic in the area.

Rick McCollough


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