Writer wrong about Haley, the tea party

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 28, 2014 

An uninformed person or a diehard Obama fan wrote on March 11 to "impeach Gov. Nikki Haley for bad money choices."

Haley's offense was she refused to expand the Medicaid program. The writer doesn't seem to realize that while Obamacare will fund Medicaid for three years, South Carolina would have the burden of maintaining the expanded program thereafter -- possibly risking bankruptcy like Detroit.

If this is grounds for impeaching Haley, what should we do with Obama with his lies; outrageous spending; disastrous economic policies; no energy policy; gas prices doubling; changing laws he doesn't agree with; disastrous foreign policy; six ongoing scandals, etc.

The writer calls the tea party a terrorist group. How many suicide bombers have they sent to Washington? How many planes have they exploded out of the sky? They were motivated by Democrats ramming through Obamacare (without reading it) in back rooms at midnight, changing Senate rules without any input from Republicans. They are comprised of average folks -- white, black, Hispanic, young and old who have decided they have had enough of high taxes and big-government spending politicians. They refuse to remain silent and are not terrorists.

The writer also intimates that Haley's actions are racially motivated. It's amazing; you can't disagree with Obama or his policies without being called a racist. It isn't enough that his policies are reducing our country to Third World status, we also have to be called racists,

Lee Sgroi

Sun City Hilton Head

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