Marina parking lot should be left alone

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 23, 2014 

"Dude, you on crack?"

I am reminded of this question sent to me by a Beaufort City Councilman in response to a rhyme I wrote in support of Beaufort Elementary School not being replaced with Riverview Charter School.

Today, I ask this of Mayor Billy Keyserling and those of City Council who support developing the downtown waterfront parking lot into a commercial and residential monstrosity.

The above mentioned council member also wrote: "I did think your poem was a little strange for a grown man to write. ... But maybe you've got that much time on your hands."

I imagine I'll be taking some more time to write a few rhymes about this new, disastrous idea to destroy downtown Beaufort. George O'Kelley seems to understand the importance of keeping this property preserved.

Hopefully, the others will follow suit and come to understand the value of this land being left undeveloped to the entire community and not make this about raising money to buy things we do not need.

Carl Joye


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