What's her secret?: 'Have your children be a part of the solution'

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Tracey Cannon, of Bluffton, sits with her children Calem, 6, Emerson, 22-months-old, and Madeline, 11, while at their home on April 7, 2014.

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Name: Tracey Cannon

Husband: Chad

Town: Bluffton

Children: Madeline, 11; Calem, 6; and Emerson, 22 months

Occupation: Teacher at Okatie Elementary School

Favorite mommy moment: Walking in the door and having my little guy come running to see me (and when the others used to do that, too).

Most challenging moment: Helping my daughter with those awkward pre-teen friend moments

Toy or product you can't live without: For my last baby -- his "wubbanub" (pacifier) and the snack trap cup

Favorite quote: "It only takes a spark to light a fire."

What's the one thing that's OK to let go? Eating food off the floor. Gross, but sometimes they get to the food before you do.

Guilty pleasure: Watching my children's TV shows with them. Some of those Disney shows are kind of entertaining, and the "Avatar" series was pretty interesting.

What surprises you about being a mom? That no matter how much I mess up or do something wrong, my children fill me with amazing love. My children always seem to give me a fresh start as I do with them. Even after an awful tantrum, when things are better, there is love and cuddling.

Tips for chaos management: Sometimes you just have to stop and prioritize what is most important. Have your children be a part of the solution.

Advice for other moms: Have high expectations because you love your kids and can help them reach their potential. Be an active role model. Eat healthy and work out. Take care of yourself because you want your children to take care of themselves.

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