Obama a disaster for Americans, world

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 18, 2014 

The killers of four Americans roam free in Benghazi, but Obama sends hundreds of armed agents to a Nevada ranch to intimidate ranchers and round up cows. Meanwhile, Obama sends only food rations to Ukrainians fighting off a Russian invasion.

At home, Americans suffer from an intrusive federal government threatening their liberties through IRS corruption and NSA spying. Yet abroad, the retreat of American leadership has made the world a safer place for decades.

Obama promised to restore America's image and make us respected around the world. But wherever we look, America and the forces of moderation and peace are losing ground. Don't you wonder if peace lovers the world over wouldn't secretly prefer to see George W. Bush back in office?

Perhaps Obama foolishly believed that an American apology tour early in his administration, followed by a hands-off foreign policy would foster a desire for peace among the world's bad guys. Instead, he simply flashed them the green light to pursue their evil plans.

Obama, born of the "blame America first" wing of the Democratic Party, has tried it his way -- and his foreign policy has failed. He tossed aside the inheritance of "peace through strength" handed him by Ronald Reagan and substituted a feckless policy creating a vacuum of global leadership.

Weakness invites war. One day, quoting Obama's mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, "America's chickens will come home to roost."

Michael Miller


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