Most honorable job is being in the military

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 18, 2014 

A recent letter writer has hit a nerve with his degradation of our military.

Every person did not voluntarily join the military because they were failing in their education or were unable to find employment. There are bad apples in every sector of our society who try to take advantage of a situation. Consider those collecting unemployment. Some are deserving and needy, and some are just lazy and greedy.

But most of the bad apples who join the military are transformed into responsible, respectable service members due to the military's rigorous, professional training.

As for sending mentally unstable troops to war, unfortunately, mental issues are rampant in our society and frequently go undetected. Consider the frequency of school shootings, bombings and turmoil in our society. This is an unfortunate societal issue, not limited just to the military.

I am particularly offended by the statement that our troops are from the "lower echelons" of our society. I have to disagree as colleges graduate military officers on a regular basis. I consider military service the most honorable duty and profession one can have. These individuals are dedicated to service and our country. They uphold the highest values.

The obvious lack of tact and support of our service personnel is appalling, considering it is they who provide the freedom to write such a letter.

Carol Orlosky

Hilton Head Island

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