Slow down on development project

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 18, 2014 

In the name of economic advancement to benefit the developers, and at the expense of the taxpayers, residents and visitors, the mayor and City Council of Beaufort are poised to allow private development of public land.

Certainly a move of this import to all of us should necessitate more consideration than has been given so far. Is this plan being ramrodded through without allowing a thorough public vetting?

Why the hurry? There is no immediate necessity for change downtown. Existing shops struggle as it is due to barriers to accessible and convenient parking. Is the open view to our beautiful river to be sacrificed for the benefit of a developer? Perhaps the land across the river on Lady's Island is better suited to this purpose.

Waterfront development downtown is like trying to put a quarter in a dime slot. It just doesn't fit.

John D. Teter


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