Writer is wrong about today's military

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 15, 2014 

I can't let another moment go by without responding to a recent letter entitled, "Today's military different from that of yesteryear." While I agree with some points made, it's a gross and unforgivable injustice to categorize today's courageous soldiers as those who suffer "mental illness, did not want to continue their educations or couldn't find employment."

The vast majority would be classified as soldiers who love their country and are willing to defend with their lives the principles on which it was founded. It is because of these soldiers that the writer has the right to express his opinion. Of note, 4,487 American soldiers were killed in Iraq; 32,000 wounded and 30 percent suffered serious mental health issues within four months of returning from Iraq. To date, more than 2,300 have given their lives in Afghanistan while thousands more have been severely injured. As the proud parents of a soldier, it is our opinion that the writer should be ashamed of himself.

Kristen and Isam Sakati

Hilton Head Island

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