What's her secret?: 'Live fully for your family now'

abredeson@islandpacket.comApril 13, 2014 

Audrey and Carl Broggi of Beaufort are surrounded by their children and grandchildren.



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Name: Audrey Broggi

Husband: Carl

Town: Beaufort

Children and grandchildren: Jeremy, 32; Jordan, 30; GraceAnna, 28; Grant, 25; Jameson, 20; and nine grandchildren

Occupation: Wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker

Favorite mommy moment: Educating my children at home. It was fun, rewarding, and I loved having my children around.

Most challenging moment: Educating my children at home. It was difficult, faith-stretching and noisy.

How do you keep your marriage a priority? Because I am a Christian, I know that the Bible teaches that marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and the church. I want my life to bring glory to God, and part of doing that is being committed to my husband. Outside of my relationship with God, my marriage is the most important relationship in my life. A strong marriage is a building block too for raising strong children.

Favorite local event or spot: Community Bible Church -- every Sunday. (Her husband, Carl Broggi, is the senior pastor there.)

What would you tell a younger you? Walk with God, and obey what you know. No matter what the world around you does, stay true to the Lord.

What's the biggest lesson or value you want your children to learn from you? God is faithful.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Exactly what I am today -- a wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker.

Volunteer work: I teach the Bible to women and children in my church. It's important to me because the Bible reveals who God is and how a person can know him.

What do you do with your grandchildren that you didn't do with your children? Actually, I do the same things with my grandchildren that I did with my children. I loved being my children's mom, and now I love being my grandchildren's "Amma." I think the biggest thing is that I know even more how quickly the time passes.

Advice for other moms: We only have a window of time to invest in our children's lives while they are growing up. We are by far their biggest influence, at least in their early years. It is crucial that we invest those years well. I tell young mothers who have little ones in the home that the days are long but the years are short. Don't wish for some far off day. Live fully for your family now.

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