Only fair for residents to support their schools

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 12, 2014 

Since South Carolina passed Act 388, requiring only owners of commercial property and owners of rental and second homes to pay property taxes toward public schools' operations, public schools continue to see a decline in revenues. As a 30 year resident of Beaufort County, I feel residents should be paying for public schools. It is the right and reasonable thing to do.

It is our duty as residents to help fund the education of our children and our future leaders. We are setting up our schools to fail because teacher positions are being lost, classroom sizes have increased, arts programs are being downsized, programs that are meant to give our children a high-quality education are being cut ... Is this what we want our community to do to the children in Beaufort County?

I urge our legislature to rethink and bring back property taxes to a fair and reasonable state so that residents have the responsibility of funding their schools.

And, as for those homeowners converting their secondary homes to primary ones, allowing them to opt out of paying for public school operations, they should still be paying other local taxes including vehicle registration fees and obtaining S.C. drivers licenses. It is only fair. There are many vehicles driving around the county every day with out-of-state plates. You see them driving kids to local schools.

Phyllis Neville

Hilton Head Island

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