Governor, legislature have priorities mixed up

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 9, 2014 

All S.C. welcome signs should read: A governor without a conscience and a legislature that lacks common sense, welcome to South Carolina.

Gov. Nikki Haley begs President Obama for disaster and defense funding, and sues the federal government for putting a hold on nuclear funding. But for those people who need Medicaid for their medical care, federal funding for Medicaid expansion is dirty money as far as the governor and our elected representatives are concerned.

Even though the federal government picks up the entire tab for three years and the state can opt out at any time, our politicians put spite ahead of common sense, and the welfare of those people.

For Rep. Bill Herbkersman, none of those people are his good friends so he was not inclined to vote in their best interests. Nor did Sen. Tom Davis vote in support of those people.

Davis preferred to sponsor legislation that allows individuals to carry weapons into bars and restaurants throughout the state. In every bar and restaurant, Davis' and the governor's picture and phone number should be placed in a prominent location for all to see.

When someone observes an individual drinking alcohol and packing a gun, they can call Davis or Haley. Let one of them advise the individual that they are in violation of the law. After all, why put an owner, patron or a sheriff's deputy in harm's way for the unconscionable decision of our legislature and governor?

Tony Amadeo


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