Democrats hypocritical on minimum wage issue

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 7, 2014 

Two articles in the newspaper recently detailed the travesty of our elected officials. Democrats in Congress and the president hope to show that our current minimum wage represents inequality for millions of America. Are these not the same people in Congress who passed -- and the same president who then signed into law in 2010 -- a law which postponed any increase in the minimum wage for workers in American Samoa where the minimum wage is currently about $5.50 an hour until 2015? That legislation certainly is a statement on inequality.

Then in a second article, an ex-CIA deputy chief speaks about "talking points" about the Benghazi disaster. A congressional committee beat that concept to death. What has happened to reporting the truth to the people of America and letting us decide how to interpret that information? We want the truth no matter where it leads or what it is. But that does not seem to be on the agenda of either Congress or the current administration. That ex-CIA deputy chief's testimony did not give me any confidence that he was so bright and articulate that he needed to pre-digest the truth for us. That is an insult to all thinking Americans.

Bedros Markarian

Hilton Head Island

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