It makes no sense to develop marina lot

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 7, 2014 

Will someone please explain the need to develop the property of our citizens at the Beaufort Downtown Marina?

We spend millions of dollars preserving open space in our county, and rightfully so. One of our most precious pieces of open space is right on the Beaufort River downtown, and it is being considered as the site for the development of a few residences and shops. This makes no sense. I would like to point out the nicely renovated building at Bay and Carteret. It is not fully occupied after several years of being available.

From what I can infer from what most city officials are saying, there seems to be an inevitability that this will become a reality. Even though they are saying that they are moving slowly on this, a glacier moves slowly also, but eventually destroys everything in its path.

Everyone I have spoken with is opposed to this proposal. The only people who will benefit from it will be the builders, designers and engineers. They will take their profits and leave. We will be left with a park area diminished by this construction.

Beaufort has received many accolades from the national media for what we are, not because of some ill-advised project that will take away from what we are.

Please stop wasting our money on this. Put this proposal on a ballot, and I assure you it will be soundly defeated by the folks who live here.

Jack Gregory

Lady's Island

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