Opinion of no value if not based on facts

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 6, 2014 

A recent writer complained of the attacks on President Reagan, particularly a letter on his ranking as a president. The writer would place Reagan alongside Lincoln while Obama would be at the bottom of the list.

The verdict is still not in on Obama, but most scholars place George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt just below Lincoln, and certainly do not place Reagan as an equal.

I suggest writers provide some substantiation, some citations to support their statements. I taught for a long time, so substantiation is what I grew to know and appreciate.

Students would complain when they got a lesser grade than they expected if they offered opinions that were not factually supported. They often were upset because it was their opinion, and their opinions were as good as anyone else's. I told them they might have worth as an individual but the worth of an opinion should be based on more.

Providing some facts might elevate the level of discourse in the country, not just in the letters to the editor.

Michael Intintoli

Harbor Island

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