Illegal immigrants gaming the U.S. system

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 6, 2014 

How dramatic was the recent article about bishops celebrating Mass at the Mexican border. Would they have gotten in the news if they had done the same for legal American citizens, "who are simply trying to find a better life"? Was this a Christian act, or an attempt to dictate politics and encourage foreigners to break American laws? Do good Christians knowingly, intentionally and willfully sneak illegally into a country? Doesn't the church preach honesty? Maybe these bishops should go to confession.

All Americans are not born rich. They can get jobs, support their families, get medicine or surgery they need, and an education. Yet the Catholic Church wants American taxpayers to provide for these criminals because most illegal immigrants are Catholic.

Is it legal to use selective laws for them to work and not pay taxes? This discriminates against legal Americans. Where is the IRS and the ACLU? If they are able to locate them and say they number 11 million, then why can't they track down these tax evaders? Each state should revoke the business licenses of anyone who hires illegal immigrants.

Many Americans can't afford food. Many receive federal aid. Many American children struggle with hunger. Are they not as good as illegal immigrants? Webster's Dictionary defines illegal as unlawful and alien as foreigner; foreign born. Of course, the left-wing media including The Island Packet is afraid to write the word, alien. It might hurt these criminals' feelings.

Verna Stevens

Hilton Head Island

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