Ban texting and driving, keep carts on the course

newsroom@islandpacket.comApril 1, 2014 

I have two questions and one opinion:

1. In South Carolina, there is a strong conservative calling to protect individual rights. Which rights are we protecting by not passing a ban on texting while driving? It is 20 times more dangerous than drunken driving.

2. In response to the bill to allow golf carts to be driven on public roads, why would anyone want to go 15 miles an hour on a public road, even with the lights and taillights on?

Opinion: Why have I not heard a reference to the Payne Stewart flight with Flight 370? To me, it seems pretty obvious that something catastrophic (loss of air pressure, poisonous gas emission) occurred, and the pilot was turning the plane back toward an airfield to land when he, along with everyone else, was incapacitated. The plane flew in the changed direction for five, six, seven hours until it ran out of fuel and went down -- similar to golfer Payne Stewart's fatal 1999 flight when his Learjet experienced a loss of cabin pressure.

Jim Grover

Hilton Head Island

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