Obama, Carter don't make list

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 28, 2014 

A recent letter, "Obama replaces Carter as worst U.S. president," that ranked U.S. presidents caught my attention. The writer made general statements, attacking Obama while citing no independent facts.

I did a Google search of presidential rankings that yielded interesting results. An aggregate ranking from 17 surveys revealed the following: 1. Lincoln, 2. Roosevelt, 3. Washington, 11. Kennedy, 14. Obama, 17. Reagan, 27. Carter, 34. G. W. Bush. Neither Carter or Obama ranked as the worst.

The Republican Party has escaped responsibility for solving complicated issues like health care, jobs, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine, etc. by pivoting to oppose the president without offering credible alternatives.

Any person who has in the past supported George W. Bush should be careful about calling out other presidents as the worst in light of Bush's own handling of the Iraq war, the response to Hurricane Katrina and the collapse of the economy in 2008.

Thomas J. Moyer

Sun City Hilton Head

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