Obamacare works in free-market system

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 28, 2014 

To clarify some inaccuracies about Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act was instituted so every American would have basic health care insurance coverage. This is a free-market program. Health insurance companies are vying to enroll people.

Because all citizens, regardless of health issues, can now buy insurance, the insurance companies are presenting several types of plans, all of which include basic coverage. However, there are plans for every pocketbook and many people are choosing the most basic and least costly plans. Sometimes these lower-priced plans do not give access to the higher-priced hospitals and care they provide. This is a determination by the insurance companies, not by the ACA.

Beyond the basics, you get what you pay for. Enlightened people understand the way this is working: Many health care companies are for-profit companies and their allegiance is often to their stockholders before their clients. But they want business, so they offer several different types of plans at different costs. If you buy a less costly plan, you don't get the premium service. Isn't this the way the free market, which Republicans are always espousing, works?

Obamacare is not a government program. It is a free-market program. With a basic health coverage plan, I will get cancer care ... just not at a cancer center like M.D. Anderson. Without health insurance, I may get no cancer care at all. This is why the Affordable Care Act is good for all Americans.

Barbara Temple


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