Avett Brothers deliver at second Savannah Music Fest show

Posted by ERIN SHAW on March 22, 2014 

Partway through The Avett Brothers' sold out show in Savannah Friday, Seth Avett sang the song "Laundry Room," which goes: "I am a breathing time machine. I'll take you all for a ride."

At their second Savannah Music Festival Performance, The Avett Brothers did just that, playing songs new, old and really, really old. 

There was "Salvation" from 2004's "Mignonette" and several from their 2006 album "Four Thieves Gone." There were also favorites from 2007's "Emotionalism, "2013's "The Carpenter" and a select few from their most recent album, "Magpie and the Dandelion."

It was refreshing to see the Avetts dig deep into their musical archives, especially since they just finished touring for "Magpie" and could have leaned heavily on their newer tracks in order to promote the album. 

The varied set list made for an engaging show, and the audience loved it. Throughout the night, appreciative shouts came from all sides of Johnny Mercer Theatre.

"I love you, Scott!"

"Get it, Bobby!"

"I want to run up onstage and give Seth a hug!"

At one point, a confident male in the audience yelled, "Seth, marry me!"

Seth Avett, in the middle of a solo for "Ballad of Love and Hate," smiled, paused and said, "Lotta love in the audience. It may be unorthodox to accept a marriage proposal on stage, but I say yes."

The positive energy continued throughout the show, building in energy so much that people were pouring into the front aisles to get closer. The Avetts responded by jumping into the audience and even posing for a few selfies. 

By the end of the encore (because of course there was an encore) it was clear that everyone had enjoyed the ride. 


Set List:

Die Die Die


Live and Die



Denouncing November Blue

Arkansas Traveler


Never Been Alive

The Fall

Pretty Girl From Chile

Souls Like the Wheels

Head Full of Doubt

Ballad of Love and Hate

Just A Closer Walk (With Thee)

That's the Way the World Goes Round

Laundry Room 

Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Kick Drum Heart




Open Ended Life


I And Love And You

Goodnight Sweetheart

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