Obama most effective president in many years

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 21, 2014 

I was amazed by the inaccuracies and hero worship for the mythology of Ronald Reagan in a recent letter.

Even limited research indicates that Reagan was one of our least effective presidents, and his policies are principally responsible for the economic disaster we had prior to Obama partially fixing it. Reagan was the first president to increase the debt by more than all prior presidents combined. His administration illegally sold arms to Iran. His campaign illegally negotiated with Iran to not release the hostages until Reagan took office.

The Reagan administration had more people go to jail than any other administration. Gas rationing began under Richard Nixon, not Jimmy Carter. Carter inherited a miserable economy and made some headway.

Even without the help of the conservative Congress, Obama has turned the economy around. Most indicators are moving up, the stock market is booming, manufacturing is increasing and, for the first time, we produce more oil than we import.

Bush destroyed our image in the world. Obama has restored our image via diplomacy and treating other countries as partners rather than as secondary to our power.

Statistically, we have one of the worst health care delivery systems in the industrialized world since it is inaccessible for many people and only Medicare for all will save it.

Longing for the days of a strong president does not lead to Reagan. I prefer a community organizer and constitutional lawyer to a movie actor.

Richard Hammes

Hilton Head Island

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