Lowcountry bridge results on March 23

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 20, 2014 


Winners on March 18 were: 8 1/2 tables, N/S, first, Beverly Spahr and Rosalind Cochran; second, Paul Lorris and Luanne Elliott; third, Pat Denier and Price Watts; fourth, Cliff and Nancy Rhein; E/W, first, Gene Ogden and Dick Collins; second, Lynn Hoos and Hedy Williams; tie for third and fourth, Betty and Don Purcell with Barb Fuerst and Geneive LaPolla; second in B division, Ann Rayda and Maude Hornsby. Details: 843-379-9857, 843-838-9780 CALLAWASSIE ISLAND BRIDGE CLUB

Winners on March 14 were: N/S, Bette Brown and Cindy Shaw; E/W, Lesley Fells and Martha McMahon. Winners on March 17 were: David Denton and Colin Ingham. Winners on March 18 were: N/S, Karen Samels and Susan Wierdsma; E/W, Jane Lambertson and Judy O'Shea. Details: 843-987-3333


Winners on March 19 were: 7 1/2 tables, N/S, first, Paul Cuffe and Dick Briggs; second, Joan Simon and Gene Ogden; third, Lee Greene and Lil Collings; E/W, first, Ann Ballantyne and Dot Schaphorst; second, Gayle Kirincic and Betsy Walsh; third, Grace Harrigan and Susan Goodridge. Details: 770-309-2223 FRIPP ISLAND DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB

Winners on March 6 were: N/S, Dick Briggs and Marcia Meyer; Rosalind Cochrane and Dinksy Dobbratz; Dannie and Don Angevine; E/W, Betty and Dana Dudley; Betsy Koehler and Teresa Hergert; Susan Briggs and Norm Kinghorn. Winners on March 13 were: N/S, Norm Kinghorn and Bob Kurkjian; Lillian Collings and Genevieve LaPolla; Mary Stag and Nancy Rhein; E/W, Page Miller and Charlie Davis; Betsy Koehler and Teresa Hergert; Barbara Fuerst and June Chandler. Details: 843-838-7755, 843-838-0125


Winners on March 11 were: Ken Pietsch and Mike Salera; Richard Distlerath and Judy Greenhill; Bill Dalton and Mary Ann Schrader; Sandy Currie and Lind Schrader; Teri and Jeri Ann David; Dave and Nancy Borghesi; Gary and Lois Minnie; Ed Kelley and Sperry Kaler. Swiss team winners on March 12 were: Rick Anderson, Mary Greenwell, Dave and Nancy Borghesi; and Judith Bowes, Nancy Miller, Dorothy Tuchscherer and Joyce Weidenkopf. Winners on March 13 were: Sandy Dew and Margaret Paules; Bonnie Haroff and Sondra Burson; Richard Distlerath and Roger Baim; John and Margaret Dillon; Neil Crawford and Evelyn Longworth; Al and Mary Nathewitch; Gary and Lois Minnie; Kathy Mootz and Fern Wilson. Winners on March 15 were: Art and Nancy Ward; Judy Greenhill and Dorothy Swimmer; Gayle and Barry Trabitz; and Mary and Al Nathewitch.


Winners on March 18 were: first, Joan Jorgensen; second: Claire McMurphy; and third, Fran Hubbell.

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