'Southern Charm' recap: Everyone has to grow up sometime

Posted by ERIN SHAW on March 18, 2014 


'Southern Charm' debuts March 3 on Bravo. From left are Whitney Sudler-Smith, Thomas Ravenel, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Jenna Lee King, William Shepherd "Shep" Rose III.

BRAVO — Robert Ascroft

Living in a beautiful place and being wealthy doesn't mean you get to avoid reality, as we learned on this week's episode of "Southern Charm." 

On Monday night's show, many cast members experienced some growing pains as they attempted to behave more like adults. Attempted being the key word. 

First we catch up with Cameran Eubanks, who has decided to try her luck in the real estate world after quitting her job manning a makeup counter. As a logical first step in her new career, she wants to start by selling $6 million homes. With absolutely no experience. I mean, how hard could it be? This girl eats Pop Tarts for breakfast and looks like a supermodel. 

Next, Shep and ex-girlfriend Danni meet up for lunch, where Danni tells Shep he's getting older and really should start acting his age (34), to which he quips, "If I'm going to sacrifice chasing girls around and having fun, I'm going to need attention...and back rubs."

What is it with Shep and back rubs?

Then he orders a chicken panini, hold everything, because he's a grown ass man and doesn't like tomatoes, pickles or mustard. (Ladies, if you don't want Shep to charm your pants off, just wear a necklace made of condiments.)

Danni follows her lunch with a dinner date with T-Rav. Our favorite ex-con put a lot of effort into this date, going as far as hiring a French tutor to impress Danni at a fancy restaurant. 

Unfortunately, it is all for naught, because she immediately puts him in the friend zone, citing an uncomfortableness with his prison record. Why can't T-Rav just find a nice girl that can overlook his 10 months in lockup? 

As Shep later tells him when the two go fishing, "Cocaine man, it makes people crazy." Shep said he'd still vote for him, though!

Just when we start feeling sorry for T-Rav and begin to sympathize with his efforts to grow up and settle down with a woman, the situation takes a turn at Jenna's pool party. By the way, how DOES Jenna afford a three-story house in Charleston WITH a pool? Her Bravo bio says she's currently designing a line of fashion gloves, but who ever wears gloves in Charleston? It's hot and your hands get sweaty enough as it is. When pressed for an explanation, she coyly says she "invests in stuff." Riiiight. 

At the party, Kathryn C. Dennis makes an appearance, and she is not happy with T-Rav. The two apparently had unprotected sex and (surprise), her period is late! Seems like a classic marriage trap scenario, but there's one catch: Kathryn's hook-up with Shep last week. No word on whether Shep used protection, but previews for next week's episode show T-Rav telling Shep they need to take a paternity test. 

Going off what we know, it would appear T-Rav is taking his dad's advice to heart. And hey, if it's his and it's a boy, Gran-Rav will give Kathryn $10,000. So she's got that going for her. 


BEST QUOTE: "I just want someone to say, 'Hey...I don't care if you went to prison." -T-Rav

BEST SHEP QUOTE: "I fold like a cheap suit in the face of adversity."

WORST SHEP QUOTE: "Men are as faithful as their options."

BEST QUOTE ABOUT A BOAT: "Do girls like you more than they did before once they're on the boat?" -Craig

BEST MOMENT: Shep and T-Rav finding out they are distantly related. Then Shep saying he thinks all politicians are the scum of the Earth. 

WORST MOMENT: Kathryn putting all the blame on T-Rav for her situation. It takes two to tango, young lady. Didn't your nanny teach you that?


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