Obama replaces Carter as worst US President

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 17, 2014 

Jimmy Carter was once considered our worst president. He was president during the Iranian attack on our embassy in November 1979, which resulted in 77 Americans being held hostage for 444 days. He was president during gas rationing during that same time period. Back then, Democrats told us the benefits from drilling would take only five more years (This was 36 years ago).

You can sleep soundly, President Carter, as the mantel has been passed to President Barack Obama.

His economic policies are a disaster: more than 20 million unemployed; a debt ceiling of more than $17 trillion; and welfare, food stamp and disability recipient rates are highs. And, in my opinion, he doesn't have an energy policy.

Obamacare ruined the best health care system in the world without promised results.

The administration is under constant investigation. He's repeatedly lied to the American people, doesn't follow the Constitution and only enforces select laws. His foreign policy is a disaster while he threatens to draws lines without backing up his rhetoric. Since taking office, the world no longer likes, fears or respects us.

I long for the days of a strong commander in chief such as President Ronald Reagan. I guess we can't expect too much from a peanut farmer from Georgia -- or a community organizer from Chicago.

Vince Sgroi

Sun City Hilton Head

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