Beaufort doesn't need new 'road to nowhere'

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 14, 2014 

I find it highly ironic that in a state that refuses federal dollars to help fund health care for the poor (Medicaid), we have a city government that takes federal dollars for a road to nowhere.

The parallel road to Boundary Street in Beaufort should stop before it starts. The city has the money to build the parallel road to Hogarth Street, thanks to the feds, and is plowing ahead.

The reconfiguration of the intersection at S.C. 170 and Boundary Street is set to cost two of my neighbors their homes of 47 years and 50-plus years. And for what? A road to nowhere.

By the city's own estimates, it will cost $55 million to push the road from Hogarth through a motel, church, gas station, office building, and Kmart to the Town Center. Really?

For years I have sat idly by, thinking common sense would prevail and someone would stop this folly. Contact your City Council members and urge them to say no to the road to nowhere.

Michael Dixon


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