Solicitor: Ex-Beaufort County school psychologist likely violated bond terms

rlurye@islandpacket.comMarch 13, 2014 

Megan Michelle Snipes

A former Battery Creek High School psychologist accused of sexual battery of a student probably violated the terms of her bond last month when she reportedly had sex with the same teenager in Savannah, according to the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

The Solicitor's Office will hold a hearing Thursday concerning Megan Snipes' personal recognizance bond agreement, which stipulated she have no further contact with the 16-year-old male student, according to Deputy Solicitor Sean Thornton.

Snipes was charged Dec. 20 with engaging in a sexual act with the juvenile while she was a psychologist at the school. She was released Dec. 21 on bond from the Beaufort County Detention Center. She was suspended by the Beaufort County School District and later resigned.

On Feb. 22, Snipes filed a report with the Savannah-Chatham Police Department, alleging that the student had raped and robbed her. A police spokesman said Thursday that no laws were broken in that reported incident.

Snipes told authorities she drove from her Ridgeland home to meet the 16-year-old and his juvenile cousin in Savannah on Feb. 20, according to the report. Snipes told officers she planned to give them a ride but later sat with the former student in the back seat of her car. Snipes then noticed a gun on the juvenile, the report said, and did not feel she could say no to having sex.

Snipes also accused the teens of filming the encounter and blackmailing her to buy them cigarettes and withdraw more than $200 from an ATM to give to them, the report said.

An investigation found no laws were broken in the reported incident, but Snipes will not be charged with filing a false report, police spokesman Julian Miller said Thursday. He would not comment further on the incident.

Thornton also declined to provide details about the police department's findings in its investigation of the Savannah incident.

Lt. Col. Bill Neill of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said investigators have not received any information about the incident from the Savannah police department.

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