LEE STOKES: Anglers often have their own persepective on life's mysteries

rodcrafter@islc.netMarch 10, 2014 

A physicist, a professor and a fisherman were asked to name the greatest invention of all time.

The physicist chose fire, stating that it gave us power over matter.

The professor countered by choosing the alphabet, saying it gave us control over symbols.

The fisherman chose the thermos bottle.

"Why a thermos bottle?" asked the others.

"Simple," said the fisherman. "A thermos keeps things hot when it's cold and cold when it's hot."

"So what," asked the others.

"Think about it," the fisherman said with conviction. "That little bottle -- how does it know?"

My thoughts on the subject -- I think that life is complex and it has both real and imaginary components. I believe that a circle is merely a straight line curved on each end with a hole in the middle.

Math is universal except the method in which it applies to buying old trucks, boats, guns or ammo, weighing fish, rating bucks or choosing a spouse.


With water temperatures starting to warm, fish are beginning to move from deeper waters toward the shore. Days with more sun with less rain and wind have shown fish movement steadily favoring more shallow waters.

If the weather stabilizes for three or four days, fishing should improve quickly. Weather fluctuations have bait and fish scattered and hard to locate.

This is not to say fish are not available. For the dedicated and hearty, patterns generated last fall are still producing. South of the Broad choices for productive waters include the shell banks of Dawes Island, May River drops and ledges and deep feeder creeks of the Calibogue and Colleton rivers. North of the Broad choices have been the deep points along Capers Island and the Chechessee River, the middle marsh off Bay Point and long tapered points along the grass banks of Broad River.

Although species are limited, quality will outweigh quantity and meals are at the ready. Active species inshore and offshore include sheepshead, trout, spottail, blackfish, triggerfish and porgy.


The 2014 Greater Hardeeville Chamber of Commerce Bass Fishing Tournament will be held March 22 and 23. There will be a Captain's Meeting on March 21 at Hardeeville's Millstone landing. Boats will launch during first safe light as directed by the tournament committee on Saturday with a barbecue dinner after the 3 p.m. weigh-in. On March 23 fishing will again start at safe light and conclude at 3 p.m.. Awards will be presented Sunday afternoon.

Details: 843-784-3606.


Store bought dips can ruin a gathering if they are not fresh.

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the chip dip, I prefer to make my own. One cream of the shallow bowl I like to put together is Smoked Salmon Dip.

Ingredients -- 1 small white onion (finely chopped), 2 small gloves of fresh garlic (minced), 1 tub sour cream (size depends on gathering), 1 8-oz. package cream cheese, 1 pint of fresh smoked salmon.

Directions -- Blend sour cream, onion and garlic together until no lumps are present. Separate and flake salmon, (blender use optional). Mix the salmon and sour cream mixture in a glass bowl until smooth. Chill overnight, serve with thick chips or crackers.

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