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The weather lately has been more conducive to staying in bed and reading all day, but alas, if you've had to work, chase after the kids, get dinner on the table... you know, have a life, you might have missed something in Lowcountry Life. Take some time to catch up with us.

You probably don't need that medicine cabinet full of vitamins. Good news -- you're fine if you don't swallow that horse pill multivitamin every day. (Seriously, why are some vitamins so big?) Dr. Michael Gilbreath with Hilton Head Gastroenterology explained that taking vitamins generally isn't necessary if you're eating a well-balanced diet. Multivitamins won't really hurt you, but specific vitamin supplements should only be taken if you and your doctor think it's necessary because of a restricted diet or other health issue.

"We might never have juice ever again if we don't quiet down." We've all been there: that moment when your kid has to have the one thing you didn't bring with you. Suddenly, it's a full-fledged meltdown. You're getting nasty stares and not-so-helpful "advice" as your little angel continues to scream at a pitch that is seriously making you wonder why you ever decided to have children. Want to know how to make it stop? A local pediatrician said the key is how you respond to the tantrum because often your response reinforces the bad behavior. Find out more about how you should be handling those fits.

The power of a a lot of hard work. It was hard to imagine 15 years ago that The Jazz Corner would become what it is today. In fact, most people didn't believe it would ever work when Bob and Lois Masteller told them they were opening a jazz club. But work it has -- it was named one of the top jazz rooms in the world by Downbeat magazine. The club is what it is because of all the hard work the Mastellers have put into it. They've planned and perfected everything, whether it's ensuring the acoustics allowed every table to hear the music the same way or putting small cards on tables asking for quiet so the music can be enjoyed. Read more of the story behind the club.

To her, Billy Graham was just daddy. Ruth Graham, daughter of noted evangelist Billy Graham, didn't realize growing up that her family was different. That's mostly because the Grahams lived in a small North Carolina town where everyone was a pastor or missionary. Eventually, though, she came to realize the privilege and responsibility that came with being the daughter of one of the world's biggest evangelists. At times, this pushed her to the brink as she felt the need to pretend everything was perfect when it was anything but. But now, she's learned that her story of healing can help others. She'll be at a Hilton Head Island church March 15 to share her story. Get the details.

Is it wine o'clock yet? The Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival is upon us. The festival has a slew of events from March 10 through 15 (full schedule of events + tickets). The main event, the public tasting on March 15, is one of the biggest wine tastings on the East Coast. Worried you'll look like a total rube if you don't know how to describe a wine's acidity and color or what adjectives to use if it's floral, earthy, fruity or spicy? Well, don't. What matters more is whether you just plain like the wine you're drinking, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov said. Just relax and enjoy the wine. If, however, you want to be a wine buff, here's some helpful tips on where to start from master sommelier Madeline Triffon.

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