A chat with Marina Tiano, author of 'Too Many Pieces'

eshaw@islandpacket.comMarch 8, 2014 

Name: Marina Tiano

Book: "Too Many Pieces"

Printed by: CreateSpace

Residence: Hilton Head Island

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Plot summary: Little Gray Mouse lives on a farm among a group of field mice that are fearful of the cats on the property. He attempts to find peace, but learns he is looking wrongly for "piece." The story ends when he discovers he has possessed the meaning of peace all along.

First sentence: Little Gray Mouse watched huge, black thunderheads gather in the late afternoon sky.

Previous writing experience: I have written short stories for graduate classes and various writing workshops.

Earliest writing memory: I started composing stories in elementary school.

The story behind the book: While taking a graduate level class, I was to create a story for young children. I chose to have the story also provide a language arts lesson for early elementary students.

Challenges of writing a children's book: When writing a children's book, it is important the storyline catches the child's attention quickly and is short enough to sustain his/her interest, yet still develops the plot. The words should create a rhythm that appeals to young children. The book needs to use "controlled vocabulary" if it is to be read by children as well as adults.

Favorite books: "Gone with the Wind," "Beach Music," "People of the Book" and "Cutting for Stone"

What's next: I have several children's stories that I plan on publishing and another idea for a children's book.

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