Biden has it wrong on single mothers

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 6, 2014 

Vice President Joe Biden's recent comment that Obamacare will give single moms the opportunity to quit their current jobs (jobs he believes they are in only to have health care) and become stay-at home-moms, raising their children. Unless he is totally out of touch with reality, he must also be proposing that the remainder of these mothers' financial obligations (housing, food, child education, transportation, etc). will be covered by the state and federal governments (a nanny state).

This kind of attitude is also an insult to the many proud, hard-working single moms who spend most of every day working multiple jobs so that their children can have a brighter future. Here in South Carolina we can point out many successful examples of this. It is a sad state of affairs when this administration uses these tactics to buy votes.

Donald Dodd

Hilton Head Island

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