Increased gun rights make all of us safer

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 3, 2014 

I would ask those people who are appalled by the new law allowing concealed weapons in restaurants and bars to consider the facts and not argue the point based purely on their dislike of guns.

There are almost a quarter million concealed carry permit holders in South Carolina so chances are that every time you go shopping, to the grocery store, to Starbucks or most other non-prohibited places, you're likely around a number of people carrying a concealed weapon. Leaving a weapon in the car ultimately makes it more likely to be stolen and used in a crime than if it's carried by a licensed permit holder.

Every S.C. permit holder has received training in the safe use of and the laws surrounding the use of firearms and has also shown proficiency in gun use. It remains illegal for permit holders to consume alcohol in a restaurant or bar while carrying. Therefore, the people who violate the new law are the same people who were previously violating it.

Every mass shooting except for one in the past 30 years has occurred in a gun-free zone. Concealed carry permit holders are statistically among the most law-abiding citizens in the population. Based on FBI and Justice Department statistics, as private gun ownership has increased, violent crime has decreased.

Study these and other facts about gun ownership and the next time you're enjoying dinner in your favorite restaurant, consider yourself safer than you were before the law was passed.

Terry Costakis


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