Support merchants who prohibit weapons

newsroom@islandpacket.comMarch 2, 2014 

South Carolina just passed Senate bill 308, allowing concealed loaded handguns in bars and restaurants. Permit holders no longer have to complete eight hours of training to obtain a concealed weapon permit. Owners have the right to ask patrons with guns to leave the premises.

A recent letter writer justified the need for allowing loaded handguns into eating and drinking establishments by resurrecting a case in Texas that occurred 23 years ago. Gun rights advocates believe that if someone in the restaurant had been armed, they might have stopped the murderer who shot 23 people with a semi-automatic 9-millimeter pistol. The visual image of 50 untrained people pulling out their weapons and shooting in a crowded cafeteria is equally horrifying.

The presence of loaded handguns in the hands of the untrained in a bar makes the consequences of escalating arguments and accidents more likely and much more dangerous.

Under the new law, owners have the right to prohibit concealed loaded handguns by posting a notice, visible to all.

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