Don't overthink solution for U.S. 278 traffic issue

newsroom@islandpacket.comFebruary 28, 2014 

KISS (keep it simple, stupid) often provides the best solution for complex safety and legal issues with minimal costs.

Moving St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church's traffic problem to another intersection will not improve traffic flow.

Entering and exiting the church should be at a crossover at the current access, which should be widened to four lanes. Opening U.S. 278 with access in both directions would be simple and inexpensive while moving traffic faster than the other alternatives presented.

The traffic light at the intersection should convert to a caution signal except for the hours before and after major activities such as Mass, school and special events. Additionally, the traffic light could be remotely operated to prevent traffic blockage at Buckwalter Parkway. A wide access directly in front of St. Gregory's would allow up to three lanes to enter the parking lot before the event, and up to three lanes to exit at the conclusion. That would expedite traffic flow and cause less inconvenience to others.

I believe it is time to resolve this decade-old issue before unnecessary deaths occur. If the money already spent on needless studies and lawyers arguing the issue would have been used appropriately, this deplorable situation could have been resolved years ago.

KISS now and you won't regret expensive mistakes that complicate and slow traffic flow, which cause tempers to flare.

Jim Dove


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