Get started now on spring cleaning

newsroom@islandpacket.comFebruary 26, 2014 

Dear neighbors, the first day of spring is March 20. Let us celebrate a little early and start spring cleaning.

Are you one of those folks who save Christmas boxes when you might not even need them next year because you will give gift certificates that require no wrapping?

Or do you save several salad bowls for future use, even though one nice Pyrex brand item can serve as a square salad bowl?

Let us talk about the garage. I thought it was a place for automobiles and bikes, maybe a lawn mower. I have seen garages that look like a fire trap.

For me, after many moves in three countries, I do not buy extra nor do I save. I pass it along.

You can spend an hour or two daily filling a box for Goodwill. By the time the first day of spring arrives, you will be more than halfway through your spring cleaning. I advise you to do one room at a time.

I do not remember a loved one by a vase. No, I celebrate by cooking a dish she had made or just remembering her sense of humor. A vase cannot come close to this great person. It is just glass, and they were so, so much more.

We have many charities that accept donations, so do not feel bad that you are tossing -- you are really passing along. You will feel like you got a new home, and you will get a tax receipt.

Maureen Glynn Wilson


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