Why leave airport out of noise debate?

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 20, 2014 

Something is just not right. Why do local restrictions prevent contractors from working until after 7 a.m.? And why is Bluffton considering a new noise ordinance? But planes take off and land at Hilton Head Island Airport at seemingly all hours of the day. Hilton Head closed a club because people objected to loud music. Shouldn't there also be a curfew for the airport?

Residents in gated communities, apartment/condo complexes, homes, a hotel, and businesses are affected by aircraft noise. These are not people who shouldn't have bought next to an airport, but people who you know.

There is a list of private jets that have high decibel levels that should not be permitted to land at the airport. There should be noise monitors at the airport.

I went to a meeting about this and one elected representative suggested that the airport should be a separate town and not be forced to abide by current laws.

I believe this is a huge waste of taxpayer money. The latest figure shows a sharp drop in the number of seats filled on commercial planes using the airport. With the addition of Jet Blue and Southwest in the area, no longer is commercial service from the island airport competitively priced or efficient.

Consumers are traveling to larger airports to save the money and enjoy direct flights. So, the extension of the runway is really only for private jets, and why should taxpayers pay for that?

Larry Mianowski

Hilton Head Island

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