Frontage road has been on the books for years

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 19, 2014 

As a frequent user of U.S. 278 and parishioner at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, I am concerned about the very hazardous traffic situation at the church. After eight years, Berkeley Hall's board of directors continues to stonewall a solution.

So I recently used my experience as a city planner to set the record straight regarding erroneous claims made by the board in the Feb. 9 issue of the newspaper. Here are the findings after a thorough review of the documents for the zoning of the planned unit development agreement for the Meggett tract (now Berkeley Hall).

The board claimed that "the Meggett Tract (planned unit development) never required a frontage road be given to the county, nor has any subsequent revision to that PUD." In addition, the board claimed that "Berkeley Hall never agreed to grant the county any easement, and a frontage road was never discussed." These statements are blatantly false.

The fact is, according to the approved development agreement (July 1999), Page 15 of Beaufort County Council's official resolution states that the developer of Berkeley Hall committed that "The project includes a provision to provide a road access easement from St. Gregory Catholic Church site to the project's main entrance (at Buckwalter Parkway intersection)."

A master plan in March 2000 shows the required "access easement to the Catholic Church site," and approval signatures by the county.

Berkeley Hall must abide by this commitment.

Rick McCollough


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