Build frontage road toward fire station

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 19, 2014 

Regarding the controversy over the frontage road issue between Beaufort County, Berkeley Hall and St. Gregory the Great Church, the county continues to insist that Berkeley Hall or the original developer agreed or promised to grant the county permission for easements to build a frontage road west from the church to the Berkeley Hall main entrance.

But the county has not shared this agreement with Berkeley Hall residents. Why doesn't the county produce the agreement?

The reason is obvious. There is no agreement that gives the county the permission that it claims. To further support this position, the attorney for the original developer has stated in writing there was no agreement, and in addition, the subject of an easement was never discussed.

Why is the county embarrassing itself by insisting there was an agreement when it hasn't shown Berkeley Hall residents anything to support the position?

It's time for the county to do what is right and follow the recommendations made by the church's engineering consulting group to build the road east from the church to the Indian Hill Fire Station.

Al Smith


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