Immigration reform isn't about breaking U.S. laws

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 17, 2014 

Recently, a co-chairman of the Lowcountry Immigration Coalition wrote, urging S.C. representatives to consider the core principles of liberty and justice.

Is he calling for elimination of the "liberty" of legal citizens? Are they to give up an opportunity to work to make room for those for whom he advocates? He can call illegal immigrants "undocumented" again and again, but that doesn't mask the fact that they are breaking the law!

I've heard a mother beg me to bring her son back to the U.S., thinking that having a job on our boat would give him a chance to become a citizen. (She would've never suggested that he or I break the law to gain him entry.) I also knew a cab driver who had worked and saved since he was 14, and owned two cabs, but couldn't get a work visa that might help him gain U.S. citizenship. (They are only two of my numerous examples.)

Where is the justice for all those real "undocumented" people who obey our laws? Are they to be put at the back of the line to enjoy America's "liberty?" Unfortunately, when any parent chooses to break laws, children also end up having to suffer. But children of those that are playing by the rules should not.

Beaufort County's young people used to find jobs in the resort, landscaping and restaurant industries. Lower paying work, yes! Doing the same gave me inspiration to better myself. When jobs pay more than welfare, legal citizens will fill jobs. Wages will not rise until there's a shortage of workers.

James Scott


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