Paper not capturing the public's sentiment

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 17, 2014 

I saw the newspaper's tiny, disappointing front page article on the Town Council hearing to rezone the Main Street Inn into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Residents were angry and concerned. Did I miss that in the article? Developers and their lawyers were given prominence and virtually unlimited delivery time. Residents were given three minutes each. Did the newspaper miss all of that frustration?

The sheriff presented a comparison survey of comparable facilities meant to assure all would be just fine. We're not all so sanguine. I understand the developers want to make money. That's business, but it's the wrong business for this section of Main Street. Nearby businesses and residents know that and voiced it; I would have thought a local newspaper would have captured and reflected those misgivings.

Additionally, the newspaper's surprisingly-small coverage of the shocking rate increase for trash collection left me disappointed. It's clear that local governance has gotten us all into a rate spiral moving in the wrong direction. It's not the newspaper's fault, but where's the outrage? Did I miss a blistering editorial holding the power holders accountable?

It may well be that the newspaper has more important issues to take a public position on. However, Town Council is the bad actor here (in my humble opinion). The paper merely reports the news, good or bad.

Michael W. Mulligan

Hilton Head Island

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