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February 15, 2014 


Catching up with Beaufort's "Idol." "American Idol" season 12 winner Candice Glover's album, "Music Speaks," will be released Tuesday. The release date has been pushed back twice, and a song has been leaked, but Glover, who grew up on St. Helena Island, has handled it with poise. It's hard to predict how the album will fare -- recent "Idol" winners Phillip Phillips and Scottie McCreery have done well, but Candice won on the show's lowest ranked season. She told Lowcountry Current she's not concerned about album sales as long as she's able to help people through her music.

Leaving it on the court. She grew up with a basketball in her hand, so the decision to take a step back from coaching Division I women's college basketball was a tough one for Theresa Gernatt. But when the Georgia native missed a big family event, she gained a dose of perspective. She'll speak Saturday at a women's retreat on Hilton Head Island about the power an individual can have to make a difference. Find out more about her backstory.

Math + music = success? If right-brain thinkers are creative and left-brain thinkers analytical, what does that make Sara Burns, an accounting major at University of South Carolina who has just released her first full-length album. Pretty talented, we think (even if science says there's no such thing as right brain vs. left brain). Burns, a Hilton Head Island native, sounds a bit like Taylor Swift or Kimberly Perry -- comparisons that surprise her since her roots are alternative rock, not country. Find out more about how she thinks her business sense will give her a boost in the music industry, and listen to a few of her songs.

Who runs the world? The girls in Girls on the Run could in a few years. The group of students, part of a national nonprofit, meets after school for fitness and fun. They run, of course. But they also talk about emotions, confidence and being healthy. The girls support each other by cheering one another on during the group and at school. It's all about empowering girls, which is definitely something we can get behind.

Throwback...Sunday. Humor us, please. Saturday The Giant, a one-man band, plays Sunday on Hilton Head. We first met Ohio native Phil Cogley last summer when he came to play. Because other bands he had been a part of eventually fell apart, he decided to teach himself how to be a one-man band -- and it's not easy layering every sound, from drums to bass to guitar, on your own. His sets are mostly all his own music, so if you're interested in hearing more (after you read our story, of course), check him out at 8 p.m. at The Broken Spoke, 78 Arrow Road.

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