In Good Faith: 'It's amazing to see lives change'

February 14, 2014 

Jerry Whittle, leader of the Royal Ambassadors leadership class for elementary school boys at Maye River Baptist Church, is shown in his classroom at the church on Feb. 12, 2014.

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Name: Jerry Whittle

Congregation: Maye River Baptist Church

Town: Bluffton

Member for: Seven years

Activity in church: Leader of Royal Ambassadors, a weekly class for boys in first- through sixth-grades

Learning. In Royal Ambassadors, we study missionaries from all around the world and relate those to Bible stories. The boys learn virtues, like honesty and loyalty.

Bringing truth. Not only am I teaching the boys, the boys are teaching me at the same time. It's amazing the innocence in the questions these boys ask and the truth they bring. I've had two boys get baptized, and it's amazing to see their lives change. It's a gratified feeling knowing I was a part of those boys receiving Christ.

Choosing to be there. These boys could be elsewhere doing other things and they chose to come to RA. Some don't go to church anywhere. A lot of them call me on Wednesday nights to come get them, and I go and pick them up.

Praise. "Jerry is one of these servants who does so much that people never see. He's hands down what I consider an unsung hero," Pastor Brian Sherwood said.

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