Shelter Cove changes shouldn't be allowed

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 11, 2014 

In kicking off Hilton Head Island's 30th year of incorporation, longtime resident Michael Jordan had this to say, "The history of Hilton Head Island will always be one of preservation and self-determination ... The town founding leaders all have been driven by a common goal and that was to make sure that Hilton Head Island remains a special place where the lives of people, the activities of businesses, the lives of wildlife and the protection of our environment all remain in balance."

Keeping this in mind, how could our mayor and his council have approved the ugly, large monstrosity we now have at Shelter Cove, which was once a lovely mall. What an eyesore. Why has Kroger been given a free rein to do whatever it wants, including cutting down trees and adding a gas station (like we needed another one) near the highway? It looks like an airport and big parking lot. Where is the balance and protection of our environment?

This is totally out of place on our beautiful island. What's next? A Ferris wheel on U.S. 278? Welcome to Myrtle Beach.

I think Charles Fraser and our founding leaders would cry if they could witness what is happening with an out-of-control Town Council and their approval of such unnecessary development.

Catherine A. Drescher

Hilton Head Island

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