Too many wrong beliefs about rehab center plan

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 10, 2014 

When reading the letters regarding the rezoning of the Main Street Inn to allow for a rehab center, I cannot help but shake my head. One reader actually referred to the rehab center as a "sex and drug magnet." These are places where people go to receive treatment and better their lives, not some new seedy epicenter for all the island's unsavory happenings.

In reality, the center will have no effect on all the so-called concerned citizens. It will, however, provide an avenue for people to receive help with their addiction and depression, and better our community in turn. I just hope people realize how appallingly ignorant they sound when they attempt to make the case that it will attract crime and drugs or corrupt children.

If you are truly concerned about your community, then allow the center to be built and find something better to do. Do not just lodge complaints based on misinformed conjectures. Inform yourself, and in the meantime, be proactive. Volunteer at Deep Well or Volunteers in Medicine, anywhere you'd like, anything other than passively whining at meetings.

Zach Bjur

Hilton Head Island

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