Stories of compassion can improve community

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 9, 2014 

I've lived in the Beaufort area for eight years and have had the opportunity to work with nonprofit groups like Child Abuse Prevention Association, Second Helpings, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

I never felt more pride in being a resident than when I attended a Community Services Organization monthly meeting, where 25 charitable organizations described meeting the needs of the homeless and the hungry, and providing many other types of assistance

My take-away: some of the debate, anger, and polarization that sometimes appears in the letters section can be transcended when race, gender, religion, economic status and politics are put aside and we help others.

I volunteer with Compassionate Beaufort Communities and interface with many nonprofits, ministerial groups and clubs to help spread the word about the "caring and sharing" in our area.

Mayor Billy Keyserling has written about this organization in his newsletters in recent months and publicized some of the stories we collected.

The goal is to expand awareness by meeting with organizations to talk about their success stories and share a new "pay it forward" program. The web page,, and are sources of more information.

Let's take some of the edge off the letters to the editor by trying to empathize with others and walk in their shoes for a while. Let's all join in the conversation of how to build compassion in our community.

Please contact us if this hits home with you.

Noel Tillman


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