Others need help more than illegals

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 8, 2014 

I am writing this article because I would like someone who has the guts to answer me. You see it on television and read about it and hear people talking about it, but what has been done? This is not about the Obama Administration. It is about all of the wackos in Washington.

Politicians want to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants so they can get their votes to keep them in their House and Senate seats and continue to ruin America. After that, it will be welfare, free medical treatment, etc.

What I ask is what are they doing for our homeless? Not a thing. They are the ones that need it. How many do we have? Has anyone in Washington asked the states for a count? I doubt it.

What about our true Americans? The Native Americans of who big government made go live on reservations and promised to take care of them? That was not true. Look at them now, striving to keep their way of life alive. I only wish that I could go on television about this and make America see it. I might add that the majority of us came from legal immigrants. I am a German-Irish, Cherokee Indian.

Robert E. Williams


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